What sonic games is espio playable?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Espio is playable in Sonic heroes,Knuckles Chaotix,Sonic the fighters,Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic Rivals 2.

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Q: What sonic games is espio playable?
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What sonic games are espio playable in?

Espio is not playable in that many games. However, he is a playable character in Sonic Hero's. He is an assistant to you in Shadow the Hedgehog, though you can't play as him directly. In Sonic the Fighters (you can find it in Sonic Gems Collection) you can fight as Espio. Those are the only games I know of, but I .

How do you unlock Reala in Sonic?

Reala isnt playable in any sonic games, maybe a cameo but not playable

How do you unlock espio in Mario and sonic at the olympic games?

You Can't He Is Only A Referee

What is espoi from Sonic?

Yes, Espio is from sonic he was made for knuckles' Chaotix. he also appears in various other games related to sonic.

How do you unlock silver on sonic heroes?

Silver isn't playable in Sonic Heroes nor is he in the game at all. The playable characters are: Team Sonic: -Sonic -Tails -Knuckles Team Dark: -Shadow -Rouge -E-123 Omega Team Chaotix: -Vector -Charmy -Espio Team Rose: -Amy -Cream -Big

What games can you play as espio the chameleon in?

There is sonic heros for sure and mario and sonic at the olympic games (2007 and 2012) and olympic winter games if you hack the game

What is the name of the Chameleon in the Sonic games?

Ninja stars fly too! ESPIO is his name!

Who is faster sonic or espio?

sonic is faster because sonic never stops with speed and espio only goes 201.57mph this answer was answerd by "broady"

What episodes in sonic x does espio feature in?

Espio appears in episode 39 of season 1 of sonic x.

How can you be espio in ultimate flash sonic?

He is not in Ultimate Flash Sonic.

What games Rouge be playable?

Sonic the hedgehog for xbox360 or ps3. I have it

Is Shadow the Hedgehog in any games after Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow has been playable in games after his self titled game. He is playable in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic and the Olympic Winter games, Sonic and SEGA Superstar Tennis, Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing, Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and soon to be Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood, Sonic and the Black Knight he was playable as Lancelot and Sonic and the Secret Rings in multiplayer.