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Q: What six letter word means domesticated polecat?
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What is a seven letter word that means skunk?


A term from french word 'poulechat' meaning a chicken killing cat what is it?

French work "poulechat" means 'chicken (killing) cat' named for the European Polecat ferret (Mustela putorious) from which the domesticated ferret (Mustela putorious furo) came from. The term "polecat"came from the Middle English word "polcat", which in turn came from the French words "poule" (chicken) and "chat" (cat).

What is a 5 letter word for not domesticated?


What language does the word polecat come from?

polecat is from the French word 'poulechat' meaning 'chicken (killing) cat'

Which word has the same meaning as search and polecat?


Another word for domesticated?

it means to do something in an intention to do harm or kill someone

What word can be made with the letters feetrr?

ferret - a kind of polecat

What is a 7 letter word with the 5th letter C and the 7th letter T?

Apricot, bearcat, copycat, crewcut, deficit and haircut are 7 letter words. Additional words include illicit, overcut, polecat, solicit, wildcat and woodcut.

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I've is a word that means I have. I'll is a word that means I will.

What is a pole cat?

The European Polecat ferret (Mustela putorius), also known as a fitch, is a member of the Mustelidae family, and is related to the stoats, otters, weasels and minks. Polecats are dark brown with a lighter bandit-like mask across the face, pale yellow under body fur, a long tail and short legs. They are somewhat larger than weasels, weighing between 0.7 kg for females to 1.7 kg for males, but smaller than otters. Pet ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) were domesticated from the European polecat ferret. In America, the term "polecat" usually refers to the skunk

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