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Alching profits change frequently. Visit the related link below to view a more detailed "profit per alch" chart.

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Q: What should you high alch to make money?
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On runescape if you high alch yew long do you make money?

No, you still do lose a bit.

Rune scape do you make a profit when you high-alch black daggers?

Yes you can make a profit but the better thing would be to high alch magic short bows.

What is the best item in f2p to low alchemy?

If I were you just alch feathers until you get high alch, then you can start alching to make profit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or you can alch steel platebodies.

What is good for high alching in runescape?

A great thing to high alch is a magic longbow. If you can fletch thousands of them and then alch them all, then you will make a ton of money. If you don't have the fletching level to make magic longbows, you can make magic shortbows and yew longbows and high alch those. I wouldn't recommend high alching yew shortbows. Another item that will make much money from high alching is a steel platebody. If you can mass make them, from raw materials, you will not only make tons of money from high alching them, you will also gain smithing and mining experience. Items from the skills above and crafting are great high alch targets. Try to experiment with items with other skills though; you never know that you have a low-priced item that can be high alched for a healthy load of gold. On any high level monster hunting trips, you should bring your nature runes and fire runes/staff also. You never know what drops are going to appear before you. Many steel, mithril, adamant, and rune items are worth high alching. Don't high alch dragon items or better, though. They cost much more in the grand exchange.

What should you low alch in runescape?

To be honest with you, you shouldn't really lo-alch anything since it would be a waste of runes or/and cash spent on those runes, unless you make platebodies steel+ yourself, then low alch them.

What should one perform high alchemy in the game of runescape for money?

Non-Member can't really make money alching anymore, unless they get rune drops form lesser demons, then alch those. as for members, Fletching a yew longbow or magic short/longbow and alching those are great exp and money.

What is a good item to high alch?

gold bar because you make a 90 gp profit* *(providing you make the nats yourself)

How can you make money from alching on RuneScape?

Basically you can't. High Alchemy is used to train magic, or to get rid of some hard-to-sell items, especially smithed items. Since so many players want to train magic, they actually pay to practice High Alchemy. If you need to make money, try something else, like killing cows, mining clay, or picking up limpwurt roots. But there is a way. It requires alot of time and patience but the way to make some profit off what you alch is make your own runes and the stuff you want to alch. But again it takes alot of time

How do you get 99 fletching in runescape?

>you can get fletching up in runescape really just take time and money to star off. from lvl 1-10 do arrow shafts 10-20 make short bows 20-30 do long bows 30 until maples do willows maples until 70 then 70-85 do yew long bows and then high alch them 85-99 magic longs can be sold in ge or 70-99 do yew longs and high alch. u should make mills when u are done. good luck on getting 99....

What the best thing to alch on runescape?

there are various good items to alch i recommend yew longbows as they buy first time or even to use maple longbow (u). but if you are wanting to make a profit alching you can buy meat tenderisers at the grand exchange. hope this was usefull =D

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To make money. Buy low (price) sell high (price).

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