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Grandpa's always love windchimes

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Q: What should you get your 80 year old Chinese grandpa for his birthday?
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Who made up Chinese New Year?

It was theses chinese couple and they were celebrating there birthday and there birtheday is January they celebrate it for 15 days then they both looked at each other and thought we should make a chinese holiday and the came up with chinese new year and thats how they made chinese new year

What was special about Ji Li's birthday in Red Scarf Girl?

her birthday is on Chinese New Year.

Do you capitalize Holiday in the phrase the Chinese New Year is a happy holiday?

No but the Chinese New Year should be capitalized. It should be ---- the Chinese New Year is a happy holiday.

A 90 year old man died on his birthday. Why did his grandchildren give him birthday bums?

This is because it is the day they're grandpa died it is very sad to think about.

Sarah's Grandpa was 72 on his last birthday He says he will be 74 on his next birthday Sarah was confused she asked if you were 72 on your last birthday how can you be 74 on your next birthday?

he had a birthday in between the 2 yrsIt means Sarah's grandpa is 73 years old now and he was 72 years old last year and he is going to be 74 on his next birthday.that is right dude or chick.

How long does Chinese New Year last in Malaysia?

Usually Chinese New Year is last for 15 days,but public holiday is for 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year only. The 9th day of Chinese New Year is the most celebrated among Chinese in Penang and Johore as birthday of "Tian Gong"

What is 'Happy Birthday Grandpa' in Italian?

Buon compleanno, Nonno is an Italian equivalent of 'Happy Birthday, Grandpa'. In the word by word translation, the masculine adjective 'buono' means 'good'. The masculine gender noun 'compleanno' means 'year'. The masculine gender noun 'nonno' means 'grandfather, grandpa'. The phrase is pronounced 'bwohn kohm-play-AHN-noh NOHN-noh'.

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If you have their birthday (and the year too) you can go to to check it

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If your birthdate is June 17, 1995 you were born in the Year of the Pig.

What are the 6 most festive holidays in the world?

christmas, chanukah, aid, new year, chinese new year, buda's birthday

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yeaa, you should. people like it when they can remember what year that birthday was...

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