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hair things (hair ties, bobby pins, and clips )


hand sanitizer




and gum/breath mints

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Q: What should a girl have in a emergency kit?
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What contents should I have in my hurricane emergency kit?

The contents that you should have in your hurricane emergency kit are those like a first aid kit, food, cell phone, megaphones, and many more items that you believe will be of assistance to you.

What emergency equipment should you have in your car?

You should have a spare tire, a working emergency brake, and a first aid kit.

What should be in a emergency supply kit?

Extra toilet paper.

How much pet food should a person supply in their Emergency Preparedness Kit?

In case of an emergency, a person should always have a 2 week supply of pet food as well as medicine for their pet and water in their Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Why should your family bother with a home emergency kit?

An emergency kit and emergency supplies may be critical to your survival and comfort after any emergency or disaster. LifeSecure emergency preparedness kits and emergency supplies can help you be secure because only LifeSecure delivers...

Should you put a can opener in an emergency food kit?

A can opener is an essential when it come to emergency food kit. Many emergency food is packaged in cans and if you don't have a can opener you will have a hard time accessing this food.

How many people need car emergency kits in the winter?

I think everyone who owns a car and drives it should have a emergency kit in their car. You need a kit know matter what the weather is like, hot or snowy,wet or dry. You should always have a kit.

What does office emergency crash kit mean?

Office emergency crash kit

Why should you not lock a first aid kit?

In case there is an emergency. Then one could not reach the first aid kit if it was locked.

What items should be in an emergency food kit?

Items that should be in an emergency food kit is canned foods that keep really well over time. Also, maybe a lighter and a pot so you can heat it up somewhere.

What should you have in your home emergency survival kit?

You should have the basic necessities for living in your home emergency survival kit. Such basics are food, matches, water, flashlight, batteries, and some heavy clothing of you live in a cold place.

Preparing for a Hurricane With an Emergency Kit?

When preparing for a hurricane, it is a good idea to put together a hurricane emergency kit. You should put everything in a box in an easy location to access, such as in a hallway closet. Your hurricane emergency kit should include bottled water and canned or boxed food that does not need to be cooked or refrigerated. Don't forget to include a can opener in your kit. You should also have a first aid kit and any medications that you or family needs on a daily basis. Your kit should have enough food and supplies to last your entire family for at least a week.