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Q: What shapes are made from banana peels using these letters 'sespprli'?
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What cakes start with the letter G?

Genoa cake is a fruit cake. It contains flour, butter, eggs, sugar, raisins, almonds, candied orange peels and cherries.

What is a dessert that starts with g?

Gelato and grasshopper pie are desserts. Genoa cake is a fruit cake that contains flour, butter, eggs, sugar, raisins, almonds, candied orange peels and cherries. German Chocolate Cake is a dessert.

What places or things starts with letter o?

Places: Ontario, Oakland, Oakley, Oaklahoma. Things: , Olives, Oil, Oval shaped things, Oil Lamp, Oil Cakes (eaten by cattle / a type of cattle feed ), Oranges - :O) , Orange Seeds, Orange Peels, Orange Juice.

Five letter word that starts with p ends with s?

paces, packs, pages, pains, pairs, pales, palls, palms, palps, panes, pangs, pants, papas, paras, pares, parks, parts, paths, paves, pawls, pawns, peaks, pears, pecks, peeks, peels, peeps, peers, pelts, penis, pests, picks, Picts, piers, pikes, piles, pills, pimps, pines, pinks, pipes, pints, plans, plays, pleas, plebs, pliés, plops, plots, plows, ploys, plugs, plums, poems, poets, pogos, pokes, poles, polls, polos, ponds, pools, popes, pores, ports, poses, posts, press, prods, props, prows, pucks, puffs, pukes, pulls, pulps, pumps, punks, punts, purrs, putts, pyres.

In Kingdom Hearts how do you beat the Tarzan level?

Deep JungleAs you approach this world, Sora and Donald will fight over the controls. Sora thinks that Kairi and Riku might be here; Donald thinks that it is a waste of time. The ship crashes and Sora is separated from his teammates. When he wakes up, he gets a rather nasty surprise.---- Boss: SaborDifficulty: EasyHP: 90EXP: 15pRewards: NoneSabor is the most fearsome predator in Deep Jungle. He will leap toward you and swipe with his claws. Use the Dodge Roll to avoid this attack. FIRE is the best course of action, since you don't need to be close to cause damage. If you run out of MP, finish him off with the Keyblade. You will encounter Sabor as a regular enemy from now on.---- Tarzan chases Sabor away, and becomes your new partner. Steal all of his equipment and keep it for yourself. You will find that none of his stats will be significantly affected. Jump down onto the net underneath the Tree House. Then, jump off the edge, like Tarzan. Use the Save Point, and then jump into the treestump. This leads to a mini-game called Jungle Slider. Dodge or destroy thebranches. When you finish the course, you will be in the Camp.From your landing spot, you will see a Tent. Enter and talk to Jane. You will also meet Clayton, a suave British game hunter. Sora will be reunited with Donald and Goofy. Use the Save Point. Open the chest for a MYTHRIL SHARD. Jane is standing near a projector. She has apparently lost the slides, and you have to find them. They are scattered around the Camp.Slide 1: on top of TentSlide 2: on green dresser, to left of TentSlide 3: Near the easelSlide 4: On big stack of boxes in front of TentSlide 5: On top of tent in row of tentsSlide 6: Boxes near globeOnce you have all 6 Slides, go back to the Tent and examine the projector. A series of images will come up. Sora will claim that one of the images feels familiar. Tarzan will respond to another image. At Sora's request, Tarzan agrees to take you to Kerchak, the leader of the apes. The oily Clayton seems to be all too eager to meet the gorillas. Save, and then put Goofy and Tarzan in your party. Outside, you will most likely meet Sabor again. He is a little faster now. Use the same strategy as before, only this time, you will have some help. Once the big feline runs away, check the Campsite for some special notes about how to make a POTION and an ETHER. If you complete both recipes, you will get these items. Take the right exit to the Bamboo Thicket, and then the next exit to the Cliff. Here, you will find two chests: MEGA-POTION and MYTHRIL SHARD. Now, head back to the Camp and take the left exit.You are now in the Hippo's Lagoon. There are two vines here. The first leads to Vines 1, where you have to swing through a series of vines. This isn't hard, but it is tedious. Instead of going through all of this hassle, just go to the vine in the back of the Hippos' Lagoon. Jump on the hippos' backs to make it across the water. There are three chests in this area. The only two you can get at this point have a MEGA-POTION and PUPPIES.The vine in the back of Hippos' Lagoon leads to Vines 2, where you will see Kerchak. Tarzan will plead with him, but to no avail. After he leaves, go back to the Tree House. To get there quickly, climb the ivy to your left. You will be in Climbing Trees. There are 2 doors here. Head through the one near the Blue Trinity Mark. When you reach the Tree House, you will see Clayton aiming his shotgun at a cute little gorilla. He claims that he was killing a snake. Yeah, right. After the cutscene, drop back down to the net under the Tree House, and get the MEGA-POTION from the chest. Then, head back to the Camp.Sabor will come at you again. Use the same strategy. He will be faster and more aggressive. Once he's gone, enter the Tent. Clayton is being scolded by Jane, who is horrified to learn that he fired at a gorilla. He leaves, but not without revealing his true intentions. Use the Save Point, and then exit the Tent. Outside, you will hear a gunshot. As you head towards the right side of the camp, you will encounter some new Heartless, called Powerwilds. They are fast and powerful. Once you kill them, you will save a gorilla. She gives you a PROTECT-G. Enter the Bamboo Thicket. Fight off more Heartless. You will save another gorilla, and get a FIRE-G. Now, head to the Cliff and defeat the Heartless there. You get an AEROGA-G from the gorilla. Collect the treasures if you didn't already. As you go back through the Bamboo Thicket, you will find another new enemy: the Bouncywild. These things are fast and tricky to kill. Magic is your best bet. They use slingshots, and often drop banana peels for you to trip on. Bouncywilds leave behind A LOT of Munny orbs. As you pass back through the Camp, fight off the Heartless, enter the Tent, and save. When you exit the Tent, you should find White Mushrooms. These are docile Heartless. You will be rewarded if you help them. Watch what they do, and then use the corresponding spell.Fire: shiversThunder: light above headBlizzard: Mushroom on kneesCure: Lying on the groundGravity: Floating in airAero: Moving in circlesStop: no movementGo to the Hippos' Lagoon, climb the vine in the back, and climb the ivy on the left. You are now in Climbing Trees. Kill the Heartless, and receive AEROGA-G from the gorilla. Now, go to the Tree House. Again, defeat the Heartless and save the gorilla. You will get FIRE-G. Head back to the Camp, enter the Tent, save, and then exit. Another shot echoes through the air. Go to the Bamboo Thicket. Walk up to the small platform in the middle of the area. You will meet Sabor one last time.----Boss: SaborDifficulty: MediumHP: 180EXP: 150pRewards: White FangSabor is a little tougher this time around. He attacks ferociously.Use the Dodge Roll to avoid his claw swipes. When he lowers his head,he will charge at you. Dodge Roll out of the way. Again, use FIRE,and stay away from him. If you run out of MP, go with a directassault. Tarzan and Goofy will cause a lot of damage, as well. Saborwill often dash into the bushes scattered around the thicket. Wait forhim to re-emerge and lock onto him again if necessary.----Sabor is gone for good. Head back to the Camp. Enter the Tent. Jane is gone. Save, and then head to Climbing Trees. Jane is huddled behind a vine wall with a frightened gorilla. The Heartless in this area are infinite, so don't waste your time with them. You can gain quite a bit of experience here, though. Attack the large, black fruit to continue. Watch the cutscene. Enter the other door without the Trinity Mark. This leads to the Tunnel. Collect the MEGA-ETHER. Now, go back to Camp. Fight off the Heartless, enter the Tent, use the Save Point, and then head to the Bamboo Thicket. If there are Heartless, fight them off, and then go to the Cliff.It looks like Clayton's greed has gotten the best of him.----Boss: ClaytonDifficulty: EasyHP: 250EXP: noneRewards: NoneClayton has sided with the Heartless. Take out all of the Powerwilds, and then go after Clayton. He will shoot at you. His bullets aren't that damaging unless you are really close to him. After about three shots, he will either reload, or use a POTION on himself. Also, at some point, he will jump to the ledges above. Stay on him and whack him with the Keyblade. Now, Clayton jumps onto the back of some invisible creature. The real battle begins. ----Boss: Clayton/Stealth SneakDifficulty: MediumHP: 250, 750EXP: 30p (if defeated first), 240p (if defeated second)Rewards: CureFirst of all, hit the Stealth Sneak until it throws Clayton off of its back. Now that they are separated, attack them individually. Take out the Stealth Sneak first. Hit it with FIRE magic, or just slash it with the Keyblade. Use the Dodge Roll to avoid its laser attacks, and watch out for its headbutt. Once it goes down, go after Clayton. He uses the same pattern as before, and is actually easier to defeat. Just run up to him and use the Keyblade to knock him down. He will most likely end up being trapped between you, Goofy, and Tarzan. ----The Stealth Sneak collapses on Clayton, eliminating him once and for all. After the fight, Kerchak tosses you to a new area. Enter the Waterfall Cavern.In here, just jump from platform to platform, collecting the items along the way. They are a MYTHRIL SHARD, SHELL-G, MYTHRIL, and ORICHALUM. Go through the passage at the top. After some cutscenes, you will seal the second Keyhole. You will also receive another NAVI-G PIECE. You will also get the RED TRINITY and the JUNGLE KING. Follow Donald's advice and return to Traverse Town.