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Not sure if there's a technical term, but we usually say that person got 'blocked'. Perhaps there's a more clever way to say ...ScrabBlocked?

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Q: What scrabble term is used when a player stops an opponent from making a potentially large score?
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Do a player will tell checkmate to their opponent in tournament and why?

A player declares checkmate - when he is certain his opponent can make no more legal moves.

What does the player ran rings around his opponent mean?

his opponent was to slow and he was much faster

What does a good chess player think about while playing?

A good chess player thinks about the game he is playing. A plan. A good chess player thinks about the plan he or she has formulated to attack the opponent. Too many players play without a plan on what to do and how to do it. They just move pieces with no thought about setting up the opponent for the kill. This requires thinking several moves ahead of the one about to be made. For example, a good player might notice that the opponent's King is in danger of a back rank mate, but that a piece of the opponent blocks the way. The good player figures out a way to capture or get the blocking piece to move out of the way. The plan might require making at least two moves to do this but if successful in getting the blocking piece out of the way, the opponent's King is mated.

What is a pressure squeeze?

A pressure squeeze is a poker tactic where a player uses aggressive betting and raises to put pressure on their opponents, forcing them to make tough decisions. It is designed to capitalize on the opponent's uncertainty and potentially force them to fold a better hand.

Who reveals their hand first when you play Dragged Down Into the Grave in Yu-Gi-Oh?

If both players are instructed to perform an action, the turn player does it first. The turn player will reveal, the opponent will reveal, the turn player will pick, the opponent will pick, then the turn player will discard and draw, the opponent will discard and draw.

What is service break in tennis?

A service break occurs when a player wins the game when their opponent is serving.

What is the penalty for a player who spit on a opponent?

direct free kick

What is the penalty for a player who spit on an opponent?

direct free kick

What if I am winning in scrabble but can't make a last move?

The game ends when all letters are in play and neither player can make another word. Each player gets the points from the letters on the opponent's rack. The player with the highest total score wins, no matter who made the last move.

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Can a player disturb the opponent by saying something loudly when the opponent is about to hit the ball?

it depends how focused the other player is. sometimes when i am playing sports i don't hear anything around me unless you call my name.

If a player crossing the center line while playing volleyball is it a faul?

If the complete foot or hand lands in the opponent court while the ball is still in play, then it is a foul; and, a partial foot crossing while landing after hitting the ball is not a foul. Also, a player making the second contact can cross below the net but outside the 30ft court of the opponent, or outside the pole hoisting the net, and hit the ball so it comes to his/her own court for a teammate to make the third contact; this is not foul; make sure that the second contact player does not go through the opponent court while doing so; he/she is allowed to only cross outside the opponent court.