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Defog is a move that first appeared in the fourth generation and is used to remove fog from areas. It occurs on route 210, Victory Road, Mount Coronet and the higher levels of the Lost Tower.

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Q: What route do you need to use defog on?
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How do you defog headlights?

go route *** and talk ************* guy. He give u defog

Where is the move tutor in Pokemon diamond version?

first, go to veil stone city, then walk to route 215,your going to need HM defog,then use rock climb, and use it twice

How many times do you use the HM move Defog in Pokemon Diamond?

You don't necessarily need Defog, but if you want to use it, you use it 2 or 3 times.

Where do you get defog in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant get defog because you dont need defog in the game

Where is the lady that teaches Draco Meteor in Pokemon Platinum?

She is found in Route 210 which is north of Solaceon, you need Rock Climb and Defog to get there.

On Pokemon pearl where is the cave to get to route 224?

Yes it was very hard for me to find what cave is needed to go to Route 224. It is of course Victory Road, find the door that the fat guy was blocking (you'll need Defog) go into the other door, Use Defog go south to find an easy way to the door go up and outside Ta-Da!! But Route 224 has a LOT of battle- wanting trainers '. by: Geo R M.D

If you have the badges in canalave city what now Pokemon light platinum?

go from celestic town side mount coronet need defog go towards route 216 ice gym use fire type NO GRASS TYPE

Foggy city Pokemon Pearl?

There is no "Foggy city" in Pokemon Pearl it is a route celestic town you can use defog ( a hm when you beat the 4th ) to get rid of the fog.

You cant get past the two guys that are blocking route 216 in mt.coronet platinum?

get the HM Defog

What HM is needed to pass through the route to Celestic Town in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Well first you need the secretpotion from Cynthia then you need HM Defog to be able to see once you get past the Psyduck

What level does diagla learn dracometeor?

Diagla does not learn dracometeor by level. However,there is a lady on Route 210 that teaches Diagla dracometeor if it trusts you. You need defog and rock climb

How do you get the item leftovers in platinum?

route 224 after you beat the Pokemon league the guy says you can pas, you will need surf, stength, defog and fly out if you don't wanna walk back