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the zomg in btd 5 comes on round 85 that is onlly 1 when u get farther then u get more i hope u get it it is true i have gotten to it!!

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Q: What round does the ZOMG come on bloons tower defense 5?
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What does ZOMG stand for in bloons tower defense 5?

zeppelin of mighty gargantuanness

When is zomg coming?

it's out

What is the z in zomg?


Is OMG same as ZOMG?

ya zomg "zowie"means woooooowwww like "zowie oh my

Can you get your weapons back in zomg if i salvage it?


How do you get a badge on gaia?

Play Zomg.

Can you get to runescape on Club Penguin?

Zomg no!

How do you unfreeze zomg rings?

Not sure

How do you play zomg on gaia?


Is there any way to erase you're data in zOMG in gaiaonline?

As of now, no. I suggests making a new account just to play zOMG.

How do you get rings from your inventory onto gaia zomg?

It depends. If you bought the zOMG rings off Marketplace, just click zOMG and start your game. Your rings should be in your zOMG inventory automatically. If you want to equip your rings, then simply go to the Null Chamber. They become Soulbound afterwards, so you cannot sell, trade, or gift them once equipped.

What is gaia zomg game?

zOMG is a part of gaia where people can battle enemies and get "recipies" which can be put on your avatar after making the requirements. You can easily talk to your friends just like in Towns and the Rally. If you haven't been on zOMG yet, you have to give it a try! ;)