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It will become English.

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Q: What region are Japanese Pokemon eggs if they hatch in English game?
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What number is manaphy in Pokemon Ranger?

manaphy does not hatch in pokmeon ranger it can only hatch in the sinnoh region

What game do you have to have manpay transfer in?

you transer the egg from Pokemon ranger the egg can only hatch in the sinnoh region

How do you hatch an egg on Pokemon Pearl?

all Pokemon have a different amount of steps for the egg to hatch. if you them to hatch run back and forth. it will say "what?" and then ur Pokemon will hatch. it will be lvl 1.

Egg hatch male only Pokemon dp?

The time it takes for a Pokemon to hatch depends on the Pokemon itself, each different Pokemon will have a different step cycle - how many steps it takes for a Pokemon to hatch.

How do you get a Pokemon egg to hatch on Pokemon diamond?

You have to walk around with it. It will hatch faster if you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body.

How do you make Pokemon eggs hatch in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Just look for a Pokemon with flame body ability and then your eggs will hatch.

When will a Pokemon egg hatch?

it will hatch a certain time after you walk

How long do you have to run with an egg in Pokemon ruby?

It depends on what Pokemon will hatch from the egg. Different Pokemon need different number of steps to hatch.

How many steps to hatch a ralts egg?

I found approximately 5,000 steps.-If you have a Pokemon with Flame Body (Such as Slugma from the Hoenn Region) as your first Pokemon, it should only take approx. 3,680 steps.

How do you hatch girl Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

You must walk a number of steps in order to hatch it. The gender is random.

How do you make eggs hatch quickly in Pokemon?

It depends on the Pokemon that is inside the egg, some Pokemon need more time to hatch. But you can always use Action Replay to make eggs hatch faster.

How do you hatch eggs on Pokemon diomeod?

walk around alot and they will hatch