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Wooper is the Pokémon that will evolve into Quagsire and it will evolve into Quagsire starting at Level 20.

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Q: What pokemon evolves into Quagsire?
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What level does wooper evolve at in pokemon diamond?

Lvl 20. It evolves into Quagsire.

What does wooper evolve into?

Yes, Wooper does evolve. Wooper evolves into Quagsire at level 20.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what level does wooper evolve?

In Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Wooper evolves into Quagsire at level 20.

Can wooper evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

yes, wooper evolves in fire red, into quagsire a ground-water type Pokemon

What evolves into quagsire?


When does a quagsire evolve?

I'm afraid Quagsire doesn't evolve, only Wooper evolves to Quagsire.

In Pokemon diamond what does whooper evolve into?

well on heart gold he evolves at twenty into quagsire.

What level does quagsire evolve in pearl?

at level 20 wooper evolves in quagsire but quagsire does not evolve after it. It is the last evolution.

In Pokemon pearl can whooper evolve after 20?

Yes I belive so. I had a Whoper from Safari Zone lv. 26 and it leveled up one and evolved into Quagsire. If you have other Pokemon Questions my profile is Kyogre286. Whoper Evolves into Quagsire

When do Wooper transformed Pokemon cristal?

Wooper doesn't evolve in Pokemon crystal because quagsire(the Pokemon wooper evolves into)wasn't made yet then. Hope this helped!

What level does wooper evolve in Pokemon gold?

wooper evolves at level 20 into quagsire..veronica

Can quagsire involve in Pokemon X?

Quagsire does not evolve in Pokemon X.