What piece of clothing ends in m?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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· Florsheim shoes

· uniform

· swim suit

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Q: What piece of clothing ends in m?
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What piece of clothing ends with the letter a?


What do you call a long piece of clothing?

A long piece of clothing is called a "Robe".

What starts with a f and ends with a m?

Farm If you mean... ends with an "m", not ends with "am".

What 4 letter thing ends with m?

4 letter thing that ends with m is SPAM.

What is Miley Cyrus' favorite piece of clothing?

Miley's favorite piece of clothing is her white t-shirt and sweat pants

What is a cloth or clothing that starts with an m?

Moccasins are clothing. A mini skirt is clothing. Mittens are clothing.

What is a jerkin piece of clothing made of?

A piece of jerkin clothing is made out of a light leather. Jerkin clothing is quite warm yet it allows for a free range of movement and does not constrict movement as much as some clothing does.

What is on a clothing hang tag?

A clothing hang tag is a piece of paper or card attached to a piece of clothing like shirts or jeans. The tag contains information about the clothing, like its brand, size, price, and barcode.

Food that starts with m ends with m?


What is a piece of clothing that begins with Q?

Quiksilver is a clothing brand. Quiksilver T-shirts are a clothing item.

Where does fuzz on clothing come from?

There may be multiple explanations for fuzz on your clothing. The most common one may be that you washed your clothing with another piece of "fuzzy" clothing, during the process some fuzz was removed from that piece of clothing and attached to the other pieces.

What are ice tops in clothing?

A piece of clothing that has purple cuffsd and blue parts