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town-red shirt+blue striped skirt

highlands-purple sweatshirt+black jeans

forest-green shirt+yellow pleaded skirt

mountains-orange shirt+green skirt

port-blue shirt+white small flowered skirt

entertainment-pink kimono+pink flowered skirt

and the white house by the casino is just something about Tyler

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Q: What outfits do you wear for elizabeths fashion review on my sims?
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Is sims 2 h and m fashion good?

It's alright, it gives you a wider range of clothes and some of the outfits are quite nice.

On my sims how do you get Elizabeths house?

you have to get all the money then you can buy the house

How do you pass the fashion review in my sims?

You Have To Go To The Entertainment Area Then You See A Pink Building Inside there r clothes but before you enter the the building there will be a sign and it will you when the Fashion Review is on For Example: Fri In Town ) it always has to be in the afternoon ! :) i hope i helped

What is a website to get sims 2 outfits?

U just type SIMS2

How does your Sims have a fashion show in Sims 2?

You have to download some costum content. I use SW fashion show controller from the Modthesims2 and it works nicely. You can make a path for your sim to walk, set who walks it, set their outfits, set poses at certain points, and set how they walk. Once you've done all of this just sit back and watch. There is a crappy video but good representation of this on youtube if you type in The Skunk Who Loved Fashion

How do you get future outfits in the Sims 3?

Buy A Dresser and Click "Plan Outfit" Hope this helps! And i think that's the only way anyhow... :D

Can you be a mermaid or merman in The Sims series?

Yes, if you get the Sims 3: Island Paradise expansion pack. In the past if you download custom outfits

How can you enable the unlock outfits in the sims 3 world adventures?

The cheat code is: unlockoutfits on

Can teenagers and young adults have the same clothes in sims 2?

Yes, Young Adults have all the Teen and adult outfits, making them the age with the most different outfits.

What girl outfits can you unlock on sims 2 ds?

You can unlock Mama Hogg's and Ava Cadavra's.

How do you unlock outfits in sims 3?

well when i was playing sims 3, i made my sim become a maid and then they unlocked the maid outfit and hair. [it works for most careers] but if you cant be bothered doing that, there is a cheat. cheat: unlockoutfits on that cheat unlocks all hair and outfits

Sims 2 fashion stuff can you buy a catwalk?

In H&M Fashion Stuff you can, yes.