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Vole is the only I see, perhaps others will have more for you.

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Q: What other words can you make out of love?
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How do you make a girl love you with words only?

say i love you

What other words mean falling in love?

falling in love

What can you do to make your man knows that you love him?

Tell him in words say I Love You

Why do you think there are so many words to describe god?

Because no words can do him justice, words lose their meaning by associating themselves with different concepts. For example: Love used to be an awesome word. Now people "love" pizza, they "make love" to each other, they "love" a particular film. The word becomes cheapened with such use.

Rearranging words to make other words is called what?

Rearranging words to make other words is called anagramming.

How d you know when you are in love?

Love is different to everyone, yet it is the same worldwide!! In other words, you are asking a hypothetical question. Being able to tell the other person ' i love you' is a form of love! Verbal communication and understanding of each others feelings is a form of love! Knowing that your significant other will be there for you and trusting in each other is a form of love! I could go on and on, but I hope you see the point. Love is what you make of it!

Comment on Where Love is There God is Also?

Answer The God itself is LOVE, in other words where love is there God is.

What romantic word will it make with this words UIDVHSE?


What other Words mean kiss?

A touch of love?

What words can you make with the word volcanoes?


What are the ratings and certificates for Love--- and Other 4 Letter Words - 2007?

Love--- and Other 4 Letter Words - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:NC-16 USA:R

What to do when she say i love you but not in love with you?

Love is should not be determined by the words used to express it. Love is not shown through specific words, it is shown through the care and respect that you have for each other. Don't ever feel that because he/she doesn't use the "perfect" words that you want them to use to make it sound like a love story. But, if you don't get to caught up on the words, just remember to notice the little thing's he/she does for you to show their real love for you. Then if he/she says "I LOVE YOU" or "IAM IN LOVE WITH YOU", it won't matter, because then you'll know that the love for you is real and it's true.