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account for, analyze, annotate, break down, bring out, clarify, clear up, construe, decipher, define, demonstrate, describe, diagram, disclose, elucidate, excuse, explicate, expound, get across*, go into detail, illustrate, interpret, justify, make plain, manifest, paraphrase, point out, put across, put in plain English, rationalize, read, refine, render, resolve, reveal, set right, solve, spell out*, teach, tell, throw light upon, translate, unfold, unravel, untangle

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Q: What other words are there for explain?
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Other words for the word explain?

There are other words for the word explain like describe, clarify and justify.

What are other words for discuss?


To use other words to explain something?

In other words, specifically, particularly, especially, expressly, that is, to wit, id est...

Explain some other words associated with railroads and how they are used as secret code words?


What were the hearings on Vietnam intended to do?

They called the secretary of state dean rusk and other policy makers to explain the administration's military strategy. In other words to explain the war to the Senate

What other words can be used in stead of said?

mentions, explain, argues, states, conclude

ExplaIn How The transportatiOn environment Is Accessible To The Physically Challenged In Lagos State 350 Words?

there are other word for explain like describe darify justify.

How do you make a gun fully automatic?

Call the ATF!! They can explain EXACTLY how to do it. In other words "DONT DO IT"

How many words can you make out of explain?


What are the root words for ie?

The root words for "ie" are "id est," which is a Latin phrase that means "that is" or "in other words." It is used to clarify or explain something previously stated.

How can analogies help you?

They can help you to explain relationships in ways that are hard to explain in words.

What was Aphrodite's role in Ancient Greek society in other words What did she explain?

beauty such as in beauty and the beast. he makes people in beasts also.