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The amount of names that are not taken on Club Penguin decrease every day due to the fact that more people are joining.

but if you want to be called Funky Cat 11 tough!

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Q: What names are not taken on Club Penguin?
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What names are not taken for Club Penguin?

Want some names on club penguin? Ill give you some of my ideas! Sunny045 Trottles33 Blastfire246 Oreo239457 Hareo234 Pottin36 Visraver12 Joeysome4 burning56 Dude234 bessie678 Perfection11

Was the first penguin on Club Penguin lonely?

Muddy Ducky , Rsnail & Billybob were the first penguins on cp. They used names like that back in 2005-2007 instead of names like Squrirrel4 or Thegreet because hardly none penguin names were taken

What is a club pengin account?

club penguin is a fantastic game that i play myself and you should really try it. and you sign up for it and then you make your name. that is your account. sadly some names are not available because other penguins have already taken those names. Club penguin is free unless you want to be a member, which gives you more opportunity's on club penguin. I hope I helped

On club penguin is there a penguin called Game Junky?

Yes, the name Game Junky has been taken on Club Penguin.

What rooms and characters in Club Penguin are being taken away?

No Club Penguin rooms or characters are being taken away! There might be regular people's penguins accounts being permanently banned at the moment, but as far as rooms and famous Club Penguin character (such as Aunt Arctic...) there are no characters or rooms being taken away on Club Penguin.

What are all of the names of the Puffles in Club Penguin?

There are noactuallynames of the puffles. You can buy them and name them yourself.

Why is your Club Penguin name penguin then numbers?

It shouldnt be not anymore. Now club penguin fixed that and some people have chosen their names like that.

What are names on Club Penguin that taken?

There are probably at least a million penguins online, so finding all of their names would be extremley hard. If you have trouble thinking of a good name, you can contact Club Penguin or ask your friends for unique ideas. There are far too many names to get them all in one place, and finding them all would be very hard. If you are having trouble thinking of a good name that isn't taken, you can ask your friends or follow some suggestions that Club Penguin has to offer. Or, you could just be creative and come up with a completely out of the ordenary name! my penguin's name is Antneecb my penguin is famous! if you wanna meet me go on server fjord and ice box frequently

What are the real names of the Club Penguin creators?

Lance something...

On Club Penguin what are the mission names?

Case of the missing puffles.

What are some funny names for club penguin?

funarisa or comiiistauo

Will moshi monsters take over Club Penguin?

MOSHI MONSTERS HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OVER! if you like club penguin think again.