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In the Pokémon series of Video Games, Torterra, the final evolution of Turtwig, is obtainable by leveling up Grotle to level 32. At level 32, Torterra learns the Earthquake move. Afterwards, it learns Leech Seed at level 33, Synthesis at level 39, Crunch at level 45, Giga Drain at level 51, and Leaf Storm at level 57.

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Q: What moves does torterra learn and what level?
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When does torterra learn synthesis?

You have to upgrade your torterra to level 39 before it can learn synthesis.

How do you get your torterra to learn leaf storm in pokemon pearl?

Torterra can learn Leaf Storm at level 57.

What ground moves can torterra learn?

The best is earthquake by TM

What moves does torterra learn and what level on Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokémon Diamond, Torterra is capable of learning Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf, Wood Hammer, Bite, Razor Leaf, Curse and Mega Drain otherwise those moves require the use of Heart Scales for Torterra to know them. Torterra learns Earthquake at Level 32, Leech Seed at Level 33, Synthesis at Level 39, Crunch at Level 45, Giga Drain at Level 51 and Leaf Storm at Level 57.

What level does torterra learn crunch?


On what level does torterra learn leaf storm?

A Torterra evolves at level 32 and learns Leaf Storm upon evolving

What level does torterra learn earth power?

It doesnt

What level does torterra learn energy ball?

It can't learn it by Level up, only from TM53

What moves does tortteror learn in his life time Pokemon Diamond?

my torterra knows:giga drain frensy plant hyper beam and stone edge torterra can also learn the moves leaf storm rock climb and rock smash

What level does torterra learn giga drain?

lv 51

What moves can Torterra learn on Pokemon Diamond?

Torterra is capable of learning Earthquake at Level 32, at 33 it learns Leech Seed, 39 it learns SYnthesis, 45 it learns Crunch, 51 it learns Giga Drain and at Level 57 it learns Leaf Storm. It can also learn Frenzy Plant. If you go to Route 25 and look around you will find a man that will teach it to torterra for free.

What does torterra learn?

to get synthesis you have to upgrade torterra to lv.39 at level 32 he learns earthqueake at level45 torterra learns crunch torterra learns solarbeam by a TM and cut by a hm and rockclimb by a hm and i don't know what level torterra learns earth power