What moves does haunter learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it learns(for what i can remember cause mines is lvl 50 in Pokemon crystal) night shade, hypnosis, dream eater, lick, and that's all i can remember

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Q: What moves does haunter learn?
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What moves does haunter learn on Pokemon LeafGreen?

I don't know... If you know, please email me at! Thank You!!!!!!!

What all moves does haunter learn?

he learns shadow ball, mean face dream eater and dig hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In platinum how do you get the moves mean look and hypnosis?

learn them 2 a Pokemon my haunter knows hypnosis and u cud probably learn mean llook 2 a golbat

What level does haunter learn shadowball?

haunter learns it at level 34

Can haunter learn false swipe?


Can Haunter learn teleport in Pokemon?


What moves does haunter learn in Pokemon Red?

In Pokémon Red, Haunter was capable of learning moves such as Confuse Ray, Lick, Night Shade, Hypnosis and Dream Eater and it could also be taught moves such as Rage, Toxic, Mega Drain, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Mimic, Double Team, Selfdestruct, Bide, Rest, Psywave, Substitute and Explosion.

What level does haunter learn hypnosis on FireRed?

Technically, Gastly had Hypnosis at level 1 and by the time you catch it the move has been overwritten by moves Gastly learns at higher levels . So, you need to obtain a Heart Scale in the underground and take it to someone in Pastoria City, who will then be able to teach Haunter Hypnosis.

What moves does Hunter learn in Pokemon soul silver?

Haunter can learn the following moves ....1HypnosisPSYCHICStatus-601LickGHOSTPhysical201001SpiteGHOSTStatus-1005SpiteGHOSTStatus-1008Mean LookNORMALStatus--12CurseGHOSTStatus--15Night ShadeGHOSTSpecial-10019Confuse RayGHOSTStatus-10022Sucker PunchDARKPhysical8010025Shadow PunchGHOSTPhysical60∞28PaybackDARKPhysical5010033Shadow BallGHOSTSpecial8010039Dream EaterPSYCHICSpecial10010044Dark PulseDARKSpecial8010050Destiny BondGHOSTStatus--55NightmareGHOSTSpecial-100O

What moves does haunter learn in Pokemon leaf green?

After Gastly has evolved into Haunter, he learns Shadow Punch right away. Then he learns the following moves: Level 31 Dream Eater Level 39 Destiny Bond Level 45 Shadow Ball Level 53 Nightmare Level 63 Mean Look

Can haunter learn mean look?


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