What moves does gastly have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lick,curse,hypnosis,dream eater etc. Dream eater is the signature of gastly but it work only when the opponet is asleep. That means you have to hypnosis the enemy first then use dream eater.

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Q: What moves does gastly have?
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How do you beat gastly in a battle Pokemon Silver?

In Silver, Gastly's have not yet picked up the ability to levitate plus Bite (and Dark moves) are now super effective. So basically use Dark Moves and with Gastly line being part Poison you can attack them with Ground Pokemon.

What ability does gastly have in Pokemon pearls?

Levitate. Ground-type moves don't affect it.

When does haunter learn mean look?

when its level wont see it in the the moves so just evolve it from gastly. gastly evolves at level 25.It shouldn't take that long....

What are gastly's moves in Diamond?

roar of time special rend draco metior frenzy plant

Why is Gastly a Poison?

Gastly is both a Ghost and a Poison type pokemon. Even though in the games he doesn't have any poison-type moves, supposedly his skin and the gas surrounding him is poisonous.

What moves can gastly and it other evoltions can it learn in Pokemon pearl?

Gastly can learn: *Sucker Punch *Confuse Ray *Shadow Sneak *Astonish *Ominous Wind *Revenge *Taunt (TM) And others. ---Note--- To get the fully evolved form of Gastly, you have to trade. Gastly evolves into Haunter at lvl 22 or 25 depending on the game and into Gengar when traded. No held item is needed to trade. ---PokeFreak

What Pokémon evolve from gastly?

haunter then gastly

Is Groudon the strongest Pokemon?

no hes not just because its a legendary doesnt mean there the strongest a gastly can beat a entei depending on the level a gastly lv 70 entei lv 45 gastly wins a groudon could lose to enny Pokemon depending on the level i don't think there is the strongest Pokemon in the world

When does gastly evolve?

Gastly evolves at level 25.

What level does gastly evolve on?

gastly evolve on level 25

What level doess gastly evolves?

gastly evolves at level 26

Where do you find gastly on Pokemon HeartGold?

Gastly is found in Bellsprout Tower.