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Tackle - starts with

Sand-attack - level 3

Dragon Rage - level 7

Sandstorm - level 13

Take Down - level 15

Sand Tomb - level 19

Slash - level 25

Dragon Claw - level 27

Dig - level 31

Dragon Rush - level 37

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Q: What moves does a gible learn by leveling up?
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What Pokemon can learn the move dig by leveling up?

Any animal that can learn dig, like a ground type (gible)

Can poliwrath learn moves by leveling up in Pokemon soulsilver?


What Pokemon learn the most moves through leveling up?

Ninetales and gulpin have like 20 moves each by leveling, starter pokemon also learn many moves by leveling A pokemon can learn better moves if you neglect evolving it for a while, vulpix can learn inferno at level 50 if you can hold out on giving it a fire stone until the . (Inferno is a great move)

What moves does Absol Learn throughout leveling up?


What is shiftrys last move in Pokemon emerald?

Shiftry does not learn any moves by leveling up

What moves can Croconaw learn without evolving?

He can learn all the same moves from leveling up as feraligatr and totodile, excpet there he learns some different tms from them

Can roserade learn synthesis by leveling up?

No. In fact, Roserade doesn't learn any moves by level-up. roserade can learn it though from the move tutor

What moves does Treecko learn?

Some moves Treecko can learn by leveling up are energy ball, quick attack, agility, and detect. Treecko can also learn giga drain, and pursuit.

What offensive attacks can Abra know?

it carnt learn any moves by leveling it up but you can use TM's on it.

Do Pokemon learn moves when equipped with a exp share?

Yes , of course they do . its just like leveling them up normally

Which Pokemon learn rock smash by leveling up?

no Pokemon can learn rock smash by leveling up you have to get the hm.

When does victreebell learn sludge bomb?

Victreebel doesn't learn sludge bomb. You have to teach it to it. Victreebel can't actually learn any new moves by leveling up. If you wanted it to learn a move by leveling up, you had to keep it a weepinbell till it learned whatever you wanted. That's what I"m doing. I'm waiting for my weepinbell to learn razorleaf...