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Level - move -- - growl -- - charm 6 - metronome 10 - sweet kiss 15 - yawn 19 - encore 24 - follow me 28 - wish 33 - ancient power 37 - safe guard 42 - baton pass 46 - double edge 51 - last resort

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Q: What moves does Togepi on Pokemon platinum learn and what level?
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In platinum when does Togepi learn metronome?

Togepi learns metronome at level 6

What level does Togekiss learn aeroblast on Pokemon platinum?

i dont think togepi can learn aeroblast, but if it uses metronome it might randomly choose that move and use it

What level does golbat evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Goldbat evolves into crobat with friendship, just like togepi

What level does Togepi evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Togepi evolves when its hapieness metor is full. Then level it up and it will evolve into Togetic. Give it a shiny stone after if you want it to evolve into Togekiss From, The Game Wiz

How do you make Togepi evolve into Togetic in PLatinum?

my togepi evolved at level 16

What level does Togepi evole in Pokemon platinum?

It doesn't evolve through leveling, it evolves when it's happy enough.

What level does Pichu evolve in Pokemon platinum?

it doesnt evolve at a level. you evolve it with happiness.. like happiny, budew, togepi

What level does a wishcash learn earthquake on Pokemon platinum?

At level 45.

What level does Glaceon in Pokemon platinum?

it does not learn it by level you have to teach it by Tm.

What level can houndour learn flamethrower in Pokemon platinum?

Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

What level does Togepi evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Togepi evolves when it's happiness value is at 220 or higher when you level it up. you can raise it's happiness value by winning battles and giving it items, and gaining expert points. Also, don't let togepi faint.

Is thunder fang a TM in Pokemon Platinum?

no, certain Pokemon will learn it a certain level. ie, luxio will learn it at level 38