What moves does Blaziken learn?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Basic- Fire punch (obtain a heart scale and go to the move tutor and he'll teach it)

Basic- Scratch

Level 7- Focus Energy

Level 13- Ember

Level 16- Double Kick

Level 17- Peck

Level 21- Sand Attack

Level 28- Bulk Up

Level 36- Blaze Kick

Level 42- Slash

Level 49- Mirror Move

Level 59- Sky Uppercut

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Q: What moves does Blaziken learn?
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Is blaziken or electivire stronger?

It depends on the situation electivire and blaziken can bolt learn ground type moves and fire type moves fighting types too blaziken can learn flying type moves and electivire can learn electric type moves so I'd say there pretty much even.

What are the moves Blaziken can learn in Pokemon diamond?

the same ones in Hoen but it can learn brave bird and skyattack

What attacks can blaziken learn?

blaziken can learn ice punch

When you obtain a Blaziken in emerald via Gameshark code do the Pokemon learn new moves by leveling?


What moves do Blaziken learn?

It learns Sky Uppercut, Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, and that's it. Hope I helped! :)

Is blaziken strong?

Blaziken is very strong and it has good moves so yes

What level does Blaziken learn flamethrower?

Blaziken does NOT learn flamethrower. but torchiccan. at level 42 i think!

When does Blaziken learn Flamethrower?

Blaziken cannot learn Flamethrower by leveling up but it can learn Flamethrower via the TM 35. Blaziken's pre-evolved form Torchic can learn Flamethrower at level 43.

When level does Blaziken learn sky uppercut?

what i learnd OS with my blaziken it learn sky uppercut at lvl 57but that is what i think

What moves does Blaziken learn in Ruby?

-fire punch 36-blaze kick 42-slash 49-miror move 59-sky uppercut

What level does Blaziken learn sky uppercut?

Blaziken learns Sky Uppercut in level 67.

How do you teach Blaziken close combat in soul sliver Pokemon?

Blaziken can't learn close combat.