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In Pokémon Black, the moves that Serperior is capable of learning via level up are ones such as Leer, Tackle, Wrap, Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Growth, Leaf Tornado, Slam, Mega Drain, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Coil, Gastro Acid, Wring Out and Leaf Storm.

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Q: What moves can serperior learn in Pokemon Black?
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What ghost type move can serperior learn on Pokemon black?

Serperior cannot learn any ghost type moves.

Is serperior weak against flying type pokemon?

Serperior is a grass type pokemon, so it is weak to flying type moves.

Who is the strongest starter in Pokemon white?

By strongest moves, Emboar. By choosing by type resistance, Samurott. And Serperior is the WORST choice. He has the most weaknesses, and he can't learn as strong moves as the other starters.

What moves does leafeon learn in Pokemon black?

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What moves does Pikachu learn and when in Pokemon black?

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What moves do blitzle learn and at what levels in Pokemon white?

There are a lot of moves. I will answer soon when i have Volume 2 Pokedex guide for black and white, k? Also it stays same in pokemon black.

Can stage three Pokemon learn moves?

Yes, Pokemon of all stages can still learn moves.

What Pokemon evolves using a moon stone in Pokemon Black?

in Pokemon black munna evolves using the moon stone but be careful because it wont learn any moves after you evolve it

What moves can serperior learn?

Through the leveling up process from Snivy to Serperior. I currently don't have the levels but Serperior will learn Tackle Leer Vinewhip Wrap Growth Leaf Tornado Leaf blade mega Drain Slam Coil Wring Out Gastro Acid Leaf Storm Giga Drain. I traded for my Snivy and Snivy already knew Iron tail. I'm currently looking to see if Serperior can learn a fire move instead of sunny day with out AR

Is it true Arceus can learn every move but Focus Punch?

no, arceus is a Pokemon that can learn a lot of moves, he can even learn fly but there are many moves that he cannot learn. the only Pokemon that can learn all moves is mew...

Can Typhlosion learn 5 moves?

No Pokemon can learn more than four moves.

How many moves can a Pokemon learn?

A pokemon can only learn 4 moves at a time. However there is a move teacher that can teach your pokemon moves it forgot as long as it is in the 4 move limit.