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To climb rocky walls you will need the HM move rock climb. To receive rock climb go to route 217. There is a certain house that when you reach the back of the house you will see and item and you can receive rock climb there. I finished the game already but its been so long so i was going by what Google said.

I hope this helps and have fun!

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Q: What move do you need to get up the rocky walls in Pokemon pearl?
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What move in Pokemon lets a Pokemon scale a wall?

you cant actually climb walls but if you mean the rocky walls that's rock climb which you get from professor oak once you get access to mount silver

Where do you find the TM guy on Pokemon pearl?

In pastoria city you can find the move tutor. You need a heart scale before he will teach you a move and can find them in the underground by digging into walls.

How do you get dig in Pokemon Pearl for dsi?

dig isn't a hm move on Pokemon pearl

Can you trade a Pokemon in Platinum to Diamond or Pearl with at move tour move that is unavailable in Diamond or Pearl?

yes as long as the move is available anywhere in the gamealthough Pokemon is awesome

What is TM58 in Pokemon Pearl?

Tm58 is a pokemon move called endure

Where to get the hm move dive in Pokemon pearl?

the hm dive is not available in pearl.

What is the worst Pokemon Pearl move?

Splash. It does no damage.

Where is the move eraser in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't one. :(

Where is the move remover in Pokemon pearl?

in canalave city under the Pokemon center

Where do you find the TM flail in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a tm for the move flail in Pearl.

Where Is The Move Tutor In Pokemon Pearl?

you can find the move tutor on route 221

What is the Pokemon with the only move called sketch in Pokemon pearl?

The Pokemon is called Smeargle. Its move "sketch" has the ability to PERMANENTLY copy the first used move of the Pokemon it is battling.