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tingaling( the luckie kittykat): one yellow snap apple, and two purple moons.

mini ben: 3 black snap apples.

hansel: black snap apple, red daisy and yelow moon.

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Q: What moshlings have a black snap apple in them?
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What moshlings like snap apples?

Big ben loves snap apples his code is: Black snap apple Black snap apple Black snap apple

What moshling will you get with a yellow snap apple and a black snap apple?

You can't get any moshlings with those seeds. You need 3 seeds with the wright colours to get a moshling.

Who needs a yellow snap apple?

none of the moshlings need yellow snap apple

What moshlings can you get purple snap apple?


How to get mini ben?

you plant black snap apple black snap apple black snap apple

What moshling likes the purple seeded snap apple?

At this time, October 2011, there are no Moshlings that like the Purple Snap Apple.

What is the moshling code for mini ben?

black snap apple black snap apple black snap apple

Can you get any moshlings with a black snap apple?

yes if you have 3 black snap apples you will end up with Mini Ben from the Worldies set! I hope this is helpful.... Please add me my name is buxton33! I have Mini Ben.

What seeds atract what moshlings?

2x snap apple star blossam = snookums

What do you get with a black snap apple and red snap apple?


What is the code for Mini Ben the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Mini Ben is an ultra rare, to get him you have to have; - a black snap apple, - a black snap apple, - a black snap apple. 097* Mini Ben [Worldie] 3x Black Snap Apple

How many moshlings can you get if you aren't a member?

You can get up to 2 moshlings if you are a non member but you cant get snap apple or crazy daisy seeds.