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Super Mario land 2: 6 golden coins came out October 21, 1992 in Japan, and November 22, 1992 in America.

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Q: What month and day Super Mario Land 2 came out?
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Is Super Mario galaxy on 3DS?

There was a Super Mario Galaxy sold in Mexico even before the second Super Mario Galaxy came out for the Wii, which may be sold in America. However, this is not likely because Super Mario Land 3D is so similar.

What Mario game came after super Mario world?

Super mario all-stars

What was the date super Mario galaxy came out?

Super Mario Galaxy came out in most regions on November 2007.

Can you use shadow Mario in super Mario 64?

Shadow Mario first appered in Super Mario Sunshine, which came after Super Mario 64, so no.

When did Super Mario 64 come out?

Super Mario 64 DS came out in 2004

When did Wario come out?

Wario's first appearance was in Super Mario Land 2, that came out in 1992. For more information, go to

How do you save Super Mario bros?

you can't. saving the game wasn't possible when super Mario bros. came out.

When is super Mario galaxy 2 come out?

Super Mario galaxy 2 came out may 23 2010 in North America and comes out the 27th in Japan.

When did Super Mario Bros. come out?

It came out in 1985

When did new Super Mario Brothers came out?

In 2006

When is Super Mario 3DS coming out?

It's now called super mario 3d land and it came out in Japan at the 3rd of november, in North America at the 13th of November,in Europe at the 18th of november and in Australia at the 24th of November.

Is Super Mario Brothers 2 for the SNES?

It came out as a NES game but can be played on the SNES as part of Super Mario All-Stars.