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Hibernate or hibernation

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Q: What means Winter dormancy of animals starting with H?
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What does migrate means?

animals will migrate in winter to go south to warmer regions.

What does the word hibernation mean?

The word is derived from the Latin "hiberna" meaning a winter camp or winter quarters. It means to spend the winter in a dormant (not really awake) state. It can be applied to either plants or animals. In the case of animals they usually set up "winter quarters" in a cave or sheltered spot. This shelter is called a Hibernaculum

What does the root word hibern mean?

The root word "hibern" is derived from the Latin word "hibernare," which means to spend the winter. It is commonly used in words related to hibernation, which is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals during the winter months.

Why do some animals change their colour of coat during spring?

Animals who live in places where winter means snow will be able to hide better if they can change their coats between white during winter and something brownish during spring, summer and fall.

What's the origin of the word invierno?

Invierno means in The winter. Thanks Beth x Actually, it means THE winter, not IN the winter IN the winter would be EN EL invierno

How is the hibernation for animal need?

If that tangle means "Why do animals hibernate?", it is a defence against the cold and food shortages of Winter. A few animals, such as bats, will wake in milder spells from time to time to forage for food.

What does budding boughs means in spring quiet by Christina rossetti?

In the poem "Spring Quiet" by Christina Rossetti, the phrase "budding boughs" refers to the young branches of trees that are producing new growth or buds in the spring season. This imagery conveys the theme of renewal, resurrection, and the beauty of nature awakening from winter dormancy.

What does it mean when the groundhog does not see his shadow?

we ill not have winter

Winter in japanese?

冬 /fu yu/ means 'winter'.

What does winter mean in french?

"Hiver" means winter in French

How do you say 'winter's chill' in Japanese?

Winter means "Kanji" in Japanese.

What color on the caterpillar means a harsh winter in New York?

Not in ny....but black means a bad winter..where ever u are.