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plastic and glass

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Q: What material Nintendo DS is made of?
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What country is the Nintendo DS made?

The Nintendo DS was made in Japan.

Which company first made a Nintendo Ds?

The corporation of Nintendo created the dsi.

Who made the nintideo ds?

Nintendo of Japan made the Nintendo DS. -1UPMushr00m

Who made the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo did.

Is the Nintendo DSi the last DS to be made?

No, as of February 2014, the Nintendo 2DS is the latest DS to be made

Who made ds?


Who made the DS I?


When was the Nintendo DS invented?

The original was released in 2004.

Who made the DS lite?

Nintendo Corporation! Nintendo Corporation!

Where is the Nintendo DS made?

in japan

Who made the Nintendo DS and dsi?

Im sure that Nintendo dsi's were made in japan

Where was Nintendo DS games made?

They are made in China.