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Any mammal that eats meat is a carnivore.

Examples are: wolf, dog, cat, lion, tiger

NOTE: Some humans are considered as carnivores because they eat meats all the time ! Meat is in their diet every time they eat!

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Q: What mammals are carnivores?
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Related questions

Do mammals eat carnivores?

Sure. Orcas are mammals, and the don't mind dining on seals. Seals are carnivores. So mammals eat carnivores.

Are mammals herivores or carnivores?

Mammals can be herbivores or carnivores, or they can be both which makes them omnivores.

Are carnivores mammals?

Mammals are a class of animals with similar attributes, including vertebrates, air breathing, possession of hair, and many more. There are many sub-categories, but whether they are carnivores herbivores or omnivores are based on how they adapted to their environment. We are omnivores, and lions are carnivores. Yet, we are both mammals.

Are all mammals carnivores?

No there not.

Are the most intelligent mammals carnivores?

no...most intelligent mammals are not carnivore. apes----chimpanzees,oranguton ,humans,etc.....which are most intelligent mammals are not all carnivores.

To which group of mammals does a gray wolf belong?

These kind of mammals are carnivores.

Are dogs mammals or carnivores?

Dogs are both mammals (give live birth and suckle their young) and carnivores (they mainly eat meat).

Are mammals carnivores omnivores or herbivores?


Are carnivores and mammals the same?

Not necessarily, Carnivores are any animal, i.e. fish, bird, amphibian, mammal etc., that eats the flesh of another animal. Mammals can be herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.

Are carnivores mammals that lay eggs?

No. Carnivores are meat-eating animals that hunt or prey on other animals. Lions are carnivores that are mammals but do not lay eggs.Egg-laying mammals are called monotremes. The only monotremes are the platypus and the two species of echidna.

In the ocean all the carnivores are mammals?

No. There are non-mammalian carnivores that live in the ocean, such as sharks.

Are crocodiles carnivores or herbavores?

Neither, although they prey on other species (fish, mammals) they are not in the order Carnivora (mean-eating mammals) so are not 'carnivores'.

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