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level 28 I believe

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Q: What lv does machop evolve at in Pokemon soul silver?
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What level does machop evolve at in soul silver?

Machop evolves in lv.28 into Machoke

What level does machop elvove in Pokemon soul silver?

Machop evolves into Machoke at level 28.

Does the Machop that you get in an in-game trade in Pokemon soul silver evolve into Machamp?

Yes, the Machop in Pokémon SoulSilver that you receive in an in-game trade is capable of eventually becoming Machamp as all Machop are provided their Trainers want them to but Machop first evolves into Machoke and then Machoke once traded will evolve into Machamp.

How do you get macho brace in Pokemon soul silver?

Trade the man in goldenrod city for a machop. The machop is holding the macho brace.

Silver what does shuckle evolve into on Pokemon soul silver?

Actually....Shuckle doesn't evolve at all

What level does evolve by Pokemon soul-silver?


Does togetic evolve in Pokemon Soul Silver?


What are Pokemon soul silver evolve levels?

Levels Pokemon evolve range from 7-55.

What pokemon evolve by the sun stone in Pokemon soul silver?

gloom does

What level does hitmonlee evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Hitmonlee doesn't evolve...

How do you evolve Groudon in Pokemon soul silver?

Groudon doesn't evolve... Sorry

What does ursaring evolve in to on Pokemon soul silver?

It wont evolve it is in its last stage.