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It doesnt evolve by level,you must max his beauty [[User:Xskybirdx|Xskybirdx]] Once you have the feebas, you need to get his/her beauty to max. To do this, you have to feed him/her high leveled dry poffins. I recommend using wiki berries (#12) to make them. You can find the poffin shop in Hearthome City to the left of the Mart. Just stir in the direction of the arrow as fast as you can without overflowing it. When the flame is red, it's very easy to overflow. When it turns yellow, it's a bit harder to overflow. When the flames turn blue, you cannot overflow, so spin it as fast as you possibly can to get the best results. (It's also possible to burn poffins at all three levels by spinning too slow, but since the goal is to spin as fast you can without overflows, overflows are more common than burns.) Your feebas will only eat eleven poffins total. This is recorded in the sheen bar. I recommend making all the poffins, saving, then feeding them to him/her so if his/her beauty is not max after eating all eleven you can make better ones and try again because if your feebas' sheen is at max (meaning it ate eleven poffins total) and it's beauty is not high enough, you cannot evolve it. I don't know exactly how high the levels of the poffins must be (I'm still working on them, actually) but I know that each one must be higher than level 18 and that you have to have many over level 20. After you get your feebas' beauty to max, just level him/her up one level and POOF! You've got yourself a mylotic! Hope this helps. ~xskybirdx <3<3<3

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Q: What lv. does the Pokemon feebas evolve at on Diamond?
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well feebas evolves into milotic. it does not evolve with lv's nomatter how hard you train. if you have a poffin case, and make dry poffins and feed it to you feebas, and buety will shine it will say with the number of stars shown. you need maximum buety to evolve into milotic.