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Q: What level should you evolve lombre?
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Whatlevel does a lombre evolve in sapphire?

train lotad to level 14 and it should evolve

What level does lombre evolve in emerald?

Lombre can evolve at any level because it doesn't evolve according to level, you need to use a Water Stone in order to evolve.

What level does lombre evolve in pokemon emerald?

Lombre is one of the pokemon that do not evolve by level he evolves by using a water stone.

What level does lotad evolve on?

It evolves at level 15 into Lombre.

What level does lombre evlve?

Lombre will evolve when you use a water stone on it, there is no other way.

What level does lombre evolve in soul silver?

you have to evolve it with a water stone

What level does lotad evolve into lombre?

it evolves at level 14, you use a water stone to evole lombre in to ludicolo

How do you get loudicoulo in Pokemon emeaerld?

You have to us a Leaf Stone on your Lombre. You can't evolve your Lombre by level.

What level lotad evolve?

Lotad evolves into Lombre at Level 14.

What level does latod evolve?

*Lotad* evolves at level 14 into a Lombre. Using a water stone on a Lombre makes it evolve into Ludicolo. Don't evolve Lombre until it has some good moves, because after it evolves it doesn't naturally learn any more moves.

What level can you use the water stone to evolve lombre?

any level, just let lombre hold the water stone and then train it to the next level

What level will lombre evolve?

He cant he needs a water stone