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generally, you should be at lvl 35-39, since your next gym is in the lvl 28-41 range (trainers are lower, the gym leader is higher), but if you are underleveled, you can go to iron island to train there

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Q: What level should you be at when your in celestic town in Pokemon platinum?
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Where is the shrine in celestic town in Pokemon platinum?

On the lower level doorway.

What should your Pokemon level be when you battle the Pokemon league in Pokemon platinum?

all of them should be around level 50-60

What level should your Pokemon be in Pokemon Platinum?

Level 934, that's the highest they go.

Where do you find swablu in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find it on the right of Celestic town in route 210. It is quite rare and you don't need a poke radar for it. you can get them at about level 27.

What level does corphish evolve?

At level 30 But in platinum catch him with a good or super rod in celestic town and level him up once

What lvl should i evolve my cleffairy at in Pokemon platinum?

around level 30

What level Pokemon should be to beat elite4 in Pokemon platinum?

For BEST results, you should be about level 55. when i beat it mine were level 57 and above, cynthias garchomp is lv. 62!!

What level does luxio evolve at on Pokemon Platinum?

Luxio evolves into Luxray exactly at level 30 on Pokemon platinum.

How do you catch Palkia before the elite four?

in Pokemon platinum you go to celestic town and go to the library talk to the old lady and then you begin a battle with dialga and palkia but i recommend not catching it till your Pokemon are at level 50 at least because they are level 70.go to for further details

How do you evolve ponyta on Pokemon platinum?

You level it up until it reaches level 40. It should then evolve into a Rapidash.

What happens if your Pokemon reaches level 70 in Pokemon platinum?

Then you have a level 70 pokemon!

How do you get the king stone for Pokemon platinum?

There is a King's Rock hidden somewhere in Celestic Town - the left ledge of the pit in the town centre, if I remember correctly; use the Item Radar.It can also be found (rarely) with the Ability Pickup by a Pokemon of a level from 11 to 30.