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Zubat cannot learn Scary Face at any level.

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Q: What level does zubat learn scary face?
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Can you find scary face in Pokemon Diamond?

Scary Face is not a TM or HM in the game. It's a move that Pokemon can learn by level up or by breeding.

When does Gengar learn scary face?

gengar can't learn scary face unless breeded

Is there a way to catch mesprit without it running away?

use the move block or scary face Its not scary face its MEAN LOOK; mean look Pokemon are easier to find, they are ZUBAT and GASTLY

What Pokemon learns scary face in Pokemon sapphire?

zubat, golbat or crobat are your best choice because hey are extremly fast to

Who can learn scary face in Pokemon Firered?


What level does haunter learn scary face?

Haunter can only learn Scary Face in Pokemon Black and White. Even then, it is by breeding it with a Cofagrigus, and it will be a Gastly that you have to evolve when you get the egg.Scary FaceBlack/White: Egg Move (as Gastly)Inheritance Chains for Egg MovesHaunter < Cofagrigus Cofagrigus - Scary Face Black/White: Level 34

What moves prevent pokemons from escaping in pokemonemerald?

scary face golbat and zubat can know it hah trying to keep latios or latias from running away

Why isn't there a level 4 in Scary Maze Game?

Because the whole point is to freak you out by level 3 or sooner.

What level is the scary face come up on scary maze game?

lvl 3 at the end

Why is scary maze scary?

Because a scary face pops-up at the end of level 3 it's called the Exorcist

Level 4 in scary maze?

Hey guys! I found out how to get to level four in scary maze game! 1: get to level 3. 2: hold mouse 3:complete level. Results: -scary face + access to level four.

Can you get to lvl 4 in scary maze game?

No, its impossible even if you finish level 3 a scary face from the exorcist pops up and never lets you get to level four!