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if you are refering to rocky as in Onix, give him the metal coat(hold item) and trade it with one of your friends using the link cable and it will evolve into steelix!!

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Q: What level does rocky evolve in crystal?
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What level does Mareep evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Mareep will evolve at Level 15 in Pokémon Crystal.

At what level does pigeotto evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

In pokemon crystal Pigeotto evolve in 36lvl

What level does drowze evolve on crystal?

Drowzee evolve into Hypno at level 26.

What level does slowpoke evolve on Pokemon Crystal?

Slowpoke will evolve at Level 37.

What level does geodude evolve at on crystal?

Level 25

What level does diglett evolve in crystal?

level 26

What level does milktank evolve in crystal?

Miltank doesn't evolve.

What you have to do in crystal to evolve dragonair?

Get it to level 55 to evolve it into dragonite

What level does sudowoodoo evolve in crystal?

Sudowoodo does not evolve. That is its final evolution.

What level does spinarak evolve at on crystal version?

level 22

What level does Spearow evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

The Level When You Get A Life.

What level does magby evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

level 30