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it doesn't evolve by level you have to give it a metal coat to hold and then trade it

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Q: What level does onyx become steelix?
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Is steelix an evoloution of onyx?


What is metal coat do onyx?

you trade onyx while it is holding the metal coat and it evolves into steelix.

What level does your Pokemon GO into onyx?

Onyx is a base pokemon. But, it can evolve into Steelix which can be done by giving it the METAL COAT to hold, and then trading it. Alternatively, you can catch its evolved form, Steelix, in Cliff Cave between Cian Wood City and the Safari Zone.

In Pokemon platinum how do you turn your onyx into a steelyx?

you can catch a steelix at iron island

Where do you get a steelix in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to make an onyx hold a metal coat and then trade it.

What level dose onyx evolve?

he doesn't evolve at a level, you have to get the metal coat and trade it. then he evolves.

What level does onex evolve?

Onyx doesn't evolve by level you trade it holding a steal coat!!!!! ONYX ONYX ONYX

At what level does onix evolve into steelix?

Onix does not evolve by level, it evolves into Steelix by trade whilst holding a metal coat.

What level does steelix evolve?

Steelix is a Steel and Ground type pokemon.

On which level does Steelix learn Fire Fang in Pokemon Platinum?

AnswerIn Pokemon Platinum, Fire Fang is a base move of Steelix's. This means that if Steelix does not have Fire Fang in its moveset upon capture, you can take it to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City (on any level) and teach it to Steelix again.

Does the Pokemon Onyx evolve into another Pokemon?

Yes, Onix does evolve into another Pokémon. Onix will evolve into Steelix after being traded while holding a Metal Coat.

What level does Onix evolve on pok'e'mon crater?

onix evovles into steelix