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ninetails does not evolve but if you ment vulpix use firestone

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Q: What level does ninetails evolve at?
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What is ninetails evolutions in emerald?

Ninetails cannot evolve.

What level does vulpix evolve at silver?

you have to use a fire stone in order to make vulpix evolve in to ninetails. it cant be leveled up to evolve.

When does vulplix evolve?

Using a firestone to evolve it to Ninetails

What level does vulpix evolve into ninetails?

It does not evolve by level, it evolves by using a fire stone. If you have the choice, i would go with growlthe over vulpix though.

How do you ninetails on Pokemon FireRed?

Once you have a vulpix from leafgreen use a fire stone on it to evolve it to ninetails.

Does ninetails evolve?

No it doesn't sorry I wish it did.

What does ninetails evolve into?

nothing that is its last evolution

How do you evolve you vuplix in pokefarm?

You give your Vulpix a fire stone and it will evolve into Ninetails

How do you catch ninetails?

You have to catch a vulpix and evolve it with a fire stone.

Which Pokemon evolve with a firestone?

With a Firestone you can evolve into a Eevee into a Flareon, A Vulpix into a Ninetails and a Growlithe into a Artacaine

How do you evolve vupix in soul silver?

give it a firestone and it will evolve into ninetails (can't remember where you get the fire stone, sorry)

Where can you get a Ninetails in Pokemon FireRed?

Give a Firestone to your Vulpix and it should evolve into one.