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A Nidoking learns Earth Power at Level 43.

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Q: What level does nidoking learn earth power?
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What level does nidoking learn earthquake?

it needs the TM from the 8th gym leader it ant learn in level it can learn earth power though lvl ................bltzzz.................

When you migrate a Pokemon can you teach it moves it couldn't learn before?

Yes for example if you transfer a Nidoking to diamond, pearl or platinum now its able to learn Earth power!

What level does Dialga learn earth power?

Dialga learns the move Earth Power at Level 60.

What level does torterra learn earth power?

It doesnt

What Pokemon has earth power in Pokemon tower defense?

nidoking and nidoqueen

Who is stronger nidoking or Tyranitar?

Definitely tyranitar it's best moves dark pulse ,earth power giga impact and a few more While nidoking's best Moves are earth power and megahorn

When does nidoqueen learn superpower?

Never because earth power is a 4th generation move no 4th generation moves have existed in the previous generation games if you want it to learn earth power migrate it to diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold or soulsilver.

When does camerupt learn earth power?

It cannot learn Lava Plume in Emerald because Lava Plume was not created until Diamond and Pearl came out. It will learn Earthquake at level 37 and Eruption at level 45.

What level does Archieops learn earth power in Pokemon black?


When does Giratina learn earth power?

Whenever you catch giratina at level 70, it should already know earth power.

On Pokemon Emerald what level does Groudon learn Earth Power?

It never learns earth power unless you trade it to a 4th generation Pokemon game.

How can a Pokemon learn Earth Power?

Through a TM or naturally when you level it up