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At level 18 then it should evolve

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Q: What level does mime jr learn mimic?
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When does Mime Jr evolve?

Mime Jr. must know Mimic to level up. Mime Jr. can learn Mimic at Lvl. 18.

In what level does Mime jr evoloes in Pearl?

Mime Jr must learn the move mimic at level 18 (I think) to evoloe to Mr.mime Mime Jr must learn the move mimic at level 18 (I think) to evoloe to Mr.mime

How do you evolve mime jr in black 2?

In Black 2, Mime Jr. evolves into Mr. Mime once it learns Mimic which it starts to learn at Level 18.

What level does mime jr. evolve?

it dose not mime jr. and mr. mime are different pokemon-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No. He evolves after learning mimic.:)

Can mr.mime evovle?

The Pokémon Mr. Mime does not evolve. Mr. Mime evolves from Mime Jr. when a Mime Jr. is leveed with the move Mimic.

How do you breed mr mime to get mime jr in Pokemon pearl?

You need to train your Mime Jr until it gets to level 18 and then it will evolve

How does mime Jr evolve?

level it up while it has the move mimic

What level does MimeJr evolve at?

Mime jr. will evolve when you level it up knowing mimic, it learns mimic lv 18.

How do you evolve Mime Jr in Pokemon platinum?

u need to level it up while it knows mimic

What level does mime jr evolve at?

It doesn't evolve by level. It evolves when it learns "Mimic". It learns Mimic at level 18.

Where to get mr. mime in Pokemon diamond?

i got a mime jr. at the trophy garden but they are rare, you can evolve mime jr. by knowing mimic.

What level do you evolve Mime Jr if you captured it at lvl 20?

learn copy cat