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Level 15. It evolves into Flaaffy.

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Q: What level does mareep evolve Pokemon emerald?
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What level does Mareep evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Mareep will evolve at Level 15 in Pokémon Crystal.

How do you get ampharos in emerald?

You can acquire an Ampharos in Pokemon Emerald by catching a Mareep in the Extended Safari Zone after beating the Elite Four. This area contains many Pokemon not seen normally in the Hoenn region. After catching this Mareep, you can level it up and at level 15 it will evolve into a Flaafy. Then the Flaafy will evolve to Ampharos at level 30.

In Pokemon battle arena when do mareep evolve?

mareep evolves at level 15 then at level 30 in Pokemon crater

What level does mareep evolve or how do you evolve it on Pokemon XD?

lvl. 15.

What level does Mareep evolve in Pokemon black and white?

Into Flaaffy at Level 15 and into Ampharos at Level 30.

What level does flaafy evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Flaaffy is an electric sheep type Pokémon. It will evolves from Mareep at level 15 and evolves into Ampharos at level 30.

What level does mareep evolve at in Pokemon soul silver?

Mareep evolves into a Flaaffy at Level 15, which then evolves into Ampharos at Level 30.

How do you get Flaaffy in Pokemon White?

You need to evolve it from Mareep at level 15.

When does mareep evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

It evolves when it reach level 15.

Why wont mareep evolve in Pokemon liquid ocean?

level 15, yo.

What does marrep evolve into?

Mareep evolves into Flaffay at sheep Pokemon at level 15.

At what level does Poochyena evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Poochyena is a dark type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald it will evolve if you raise it up to level 18.