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It evolves to Magneton at level 30. Then, you can evolve Magneton into Magnezone by leveling it up in Chargestone Cave.

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Q: What level does magnimite evolve on Pokemon white 2?
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How do you evolve magnimite Pokemon Black and white 2?

In Pokémon Black, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White, Magnemite will start to evolve into Magneton once it hits Level 30.

What level level does emolga have to be to evolve in Pokemon White?

Emolga does not evolve. I played Pokemon White also and it does not evolve. Some Pokemon do but this one does not evolve.

What level does victini evolve in Pokemon white?

He does not evolve.

What level does Chubchoo evolve in Pokemon White?

In Pokemon White and Black, Cubchoo will evolve into Beartic at level 37. You do not need to trade or use any items to evolve this Pokemon.

What level does kadabra evolve in Pokemon White?

He does not evolve by level he evolves when u trade to another Pokemon black or white game

What level does Togepi evolve in Pokemon white?

You have to evolve it with its happiness level at 220.

What level does lickitung evolve in Pokemon white?

he/her should evolve at level 33

What level does larvesta on Pokemon white evolve at?

At level 59, it will evolve into Volcarona.

What level does audino evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Audino doesnt evolve in Pokemon black and white

What level does Throh evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Throh don't evolve in Pokemon Black and White.

What level does marowak evolve in Pokemon white?

Marowak does not evolve.

What level does Ledian evolve in Pokemon White?

Ledian does not evolve.