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Haunter evolves into Gengar when traded. But unlike the tv series, you don't need to train it. It evolves right away.

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Q: What level does haunter evolve into?
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What level will gastly evolve?

You evolve it into Haunter at Level 25. To evolve Haunter into a Gengar, you need to trade it.

What does gastley evolve into in Pokemon?

Gastly evolves into Haunter at level 25, then trade it and it will evolve again into Gengar.

What level does haunter evolve at?

you must trade your haunter to evolve it into a gengar

What lv does haunter evolve?

Haunter doesn't evolve at any level to evolve your haunter you need to do a link trade with a friend and he he will then evolve

Which level does haunter evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to trade haunter to a friend to evolve it.

What level does haunter evolve into Gengar on heartgold?

Haunter does not evolve into Gengar at a certain level. Haunter needs to be traded to another player. Once he is traded, he will evolve.

At what level does haunter evolve into gengar?

Haunter does NOT evolve by level. You evolve Haunter by trading it with a friend, and then they trade it back to you. Hope I helped :)Haunter evolves from Gastly at level 25.Haunter evolves into Gengar through trade.Haunter evolves into Gengar by trading it.

At what level does haunter evolve in pbb?

Haunter will only evolve through trade.

When does Haunter evolve in Pokmon Gold?

haunter has to be traded to evlove haunter evolve into gengar in level 42

When does haunter evolve in Pokemon resolute?

You will need to level up Haunter to level 50 to evolve it in Pokemon Resolute.

What level does haunter evolve on HeartGold?

Haunter evolves by trade

What level will ghastly evolve on Pokemon diamomond or pearl?

Gahstly will evolve at lvl25 to Haunter then trade haunter to evolve to a Gengar.