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cyndaquil evolves at level 13

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Q: What level does cyndaquil evolve in soul sliver?
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What level does vulpix evolve on soul sliver?

In soul sliver Vulpix does not evolve by level it only evolves by a fire stone

What level does cyndaquil evolve at in soul silver?

Cyndaquil and Chikorita will evolve at level 16. But totodile evoles at a level 18. :-) - :-) Hhopkins1108 :-)

What level does hoothoot evolve into noctowl in soul sliver?

level 20

What level does Sparrow evolve in Pokemon soul sliver?

Level 20

How does ponyta evolve In soul sliver?

you must level it up to level LV.40

In Pokemon soul sliver does beedrill evolve?


What level does bayleaf evolve in Pokemon soul sliver?

It evovles at level 32. I made a link for more information. note: its name is Bayleef.

How do you get a typhlosion in Pokemon soul silver?

Choose Cyndaquil as your starter and evolve him.

What level do the 3 starter Pokemon evolve at on soul silver?

cyndaquil evolves at level 14 and 36 totodile evovles at level 18 and 30 chikorita evolves at level 16 and 32

What level does cyndaquil learn flamethower in soul silver?

Level 41

What Pokemon does ovalstone evolve in Pokemon soul sliver?

Happiny, into Chansey.

What level dus cyndaquil evolve?

most people think a cyndaquil evolves at lv. 18 that's not true its lv. 16 i know that because i had alot of copies of soul silver and heart gold and it evolves at lv. 16 cyndaquil831 is out