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To put things simply:

Farfetch'd, or Ch'Ding, as yours happens to be nicknamed, doesn't evolve in any Pokemon game to date. Yup. Hope you didn't lose too much sleep over that, bud.

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Q: What level does ch'ding evolve at in the Pokemon pearl game?
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What level does mightyena evolve on pearl?

mightyena doesn't evolve on Pokemon pearl, he doesn't evolve in any Pokemon game!

What level does the Pokemon snowver evolve on pearl?

evolve snowver at level 40

What level does Buizel evolve at in Pokemon Pearl?

Buizel evolve at level 26.

What level does mew evolve in Pokemon pearl?


What level does skorupi evolve to?

It evolves in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl at Level 40.

How do you evolve turtwig in Pokemon crater?

To evolve turtwig [pokemon pearl/diamond] level it up to level 16.

What level does trutwig evolve on Pokemon pearl?

level 18

What level does bagon evolve in Pokemon pearl?

at level 30

What level does shelgon evolve in Pokemon pearl?

level 50

What level does turtwig evolve in pokemon pearl?

Level 18

What level does ralts evolve on Pokemon pearl?

Level 20.

In Pokemon pearl what level does chimchar evolve?

at level 14