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It evolves a lvl after you get it

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Q: What level does cascoon evolve in platinum?
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What level does cascoon evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Cascoon evolves into Dustox at level 10

What level does cascoon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Cascoon evolves a level after it was court

In Pokemon emerald what level does cascoon evolve?

lv10, Cascoon evolve into Beautifly.

How do you evolve a wurmple platinum?

Level it up. At level 7 it'll evolve into silcoon. At level 10, it'll evolve into beautifly. OR, it might be at level 7 and you'll get a cascoon and then at level 10 dustox.

How does wurmple evolve into silcoon?

Wurmple evolve into Silcoon/Cascoon at level 7. Then, Silcoon/Cascoon evolve into Beautifly/Dustox at level 10.

What level does cascoon evoulve?

Obviously cascoon evolve into a dustox because silcoon evolve into a beautiful!!

How does a wurmple evolve into a silcoon?

A Wurmple will evolve into either a Silcoon or a Cascoon at level 7. Then at level 10, it will evolve into a Beautifly (Silcoon) or Dustox (Cascoon).A wurmple will evolve in either silcoon or cascoon depending on its personality value.

What lvl does Wurmple evolve on Pokemon platinum?

A Wurmple should evolve into either a Silcoon or Cascoon at level 7 I'm sure its level of evolution is the same in all the Pokemon games its in.

What level does cascoon evolve at?

in pokemon diamond a cascoon evolves at lvl 27

What level does wurmpul evolve at?

At level 6 into cascoon or silcoon and level 10 if cascoon dustox in silcoon beautyfly

What is the evolution of cascoon on Pokemon platinum?

Wurmple can go one of two ways, it can evolve into a Silcoon or a Cascoon. Silcoon evolve into Beautifly. On the other hand, Cascoon evolves into Dustox.

What level does cascoon evolve on Pokemon sapphire?

Level 10.