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Short answer: Any level.

Long answer: The evolution of buneary isn't tied to its level, but its happiness. You can raise happiness by having the Pokemon in your party (one point evers 256 steps), levelling it up, taking it to a massage in Veilstone City, and giving it berries that say they raise happiness, and probably other things I forget.

At some point in the game you get a Hapiness checker for your Pokétch; if you touch the little Sprite of the buneary on that, and two hearts pop up and then grow big, the hapiness is maxed out, and it will evolve the next time its levelled up. (I'm not sure it needs to be actually maxed or just close to it, but maxed works.)

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It has to love you

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Q: What level does buneary evolve in Pokemon platinum?
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When do you evolve buneary on Pokemon platinum?

Buneary evolves by Level Up with Happiness Value at 220

How do you evolve buneary in pokemon explorers of darkness?

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, Buneary evolves into Lopunny. To evolve Buneary, you need to reach level 26. Once Buneary reaches level 26, it will automatically evolve into Lopunny.

What level does buneary evolve at in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Buneary evolves when its happiness value is at 220.

Pokemon Platinum How do you evolve Buneary?

To evolve Buneary into Lopunny u need friend ship worked for me! =3 So try battiling with it not fainting or whatever and level it up and it will evolve 2nd Answer: Buneary evolves by happiness, For instance, if u have a togepi (u can get one from cynthia) You evolve the togepi by leveling it up, feeding it poffins, massaging it, and it will evolve to togetic. Same with Buneary. Hope this helps :D

How does buneary evolve?

buneary evolves by friendshipMake it level up with a high 'friendship level' to evolve.

What level does sandsherw evolve at in Pokemon Platinum?

it will evolve at level 21

What level does gabite evolve on Pokemon platinum?

It will evolve at level 48

Does Buneary evolve at Lv 20?

It can. It evolves when its happiness level is at 220. Buneary does not evolve at a certain level.

Why can't you evolve Buneary in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?

In mystery dungeon games, Pokemon don't just randomly evolve shen they are the right level, such as in trainer games. First you have to get your buneary to a high enough level, unlock the dungeon 'Luminous Spring' (Remembering to have only the buneary in your team) And evolve it there. Hope this helped :D

What level does buneary evolve at on indigo?

Buneary evolves when its happiness level is at 220.

What level does arbock evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Arbok does not evolve

What level does pachirisu evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

Pachirisu does not evolve :(