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Level 13 I believe.

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Q: What level does beautifly learn gust?
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What level does hoothoot learn gust?

Hoothoot cannot learn gust.

What moves do beautifly learn in Pokemon ruby?

Tackle(What Wurmple learns), String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden, Absorb, Gust, Whirlwind, Mega Drain, Silver Wind and Giga Drain. Continuously from Wurmple to Beautifly. That's all I know now, my Beautifly is level 38. Hope I helped.

When does beautifly learn silverwind?

In Pokemon Beautifly learns the move silver wind at level 34. This Pokemon learns giga drain when it reaches level 38.

Can the pokemon beautifly learn fly?

No, beautifly cannot learn fly.

What can beautifly learn on emerald?

silver wing gust string shot Silver Wind, Morning Sun, Attract, Mega Drain, String Shot, Beautifly can also be taught flying type moves like aerial Ace, and wing Attack

Can the Pokemon beautifly learn the move fly?

No, Beautifly cannot learn Fly.

What level does the Pokemon silcoon evolve?

Silcoon evolves into Beautifly at level 10

When does pidgey in Pokemon leaf green learn gust?

I think it learns it on level 9

What moves can a male combee learn?

It can't learn much but, it can learn sweet scent, and gust. That's all I can get mine to learn and it's level 83.

Does beautifly learn solarbeam in Pokemon ruby?


What moves does beautifly learn in pokemon emerald?

Lv. 10 - Absorb Lv. 13 - Gust Lv. 17 - Stun Spore Lv. 20 - Morning Sun Lv. 24 - Mega Drain Lv. 27 - Whirlwind Lv. 31 - Attract Lv. 34 - Silver Wind Lv. 38 - Giga Drain

What level does beautifly evolve in emerald?

Beautifly itself does not evolve, but if you have a Wurmple, it will evolve into either a Cascoon or a Silcoon at level 7 (something--nature, I think, determines which one it will evolve into). Silcoon will evolve into Beautifly at level 10 while Cascoon evolves into Dustox at the same level.