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piloswine doesn't evolve by lvl in a mamoswine you need to teach piloswine ancient power go to mistralton city and go to the house next to the pokemon center then talk to the move relearner and teach it ancient power then lvl it up and then it evolves (but you need an heartscale you can get one in driftvei city)

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Q: What level does a level 47 piloswine evolve?
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Will piloswine evolve at level 55 in heart gold?

It doesn't evolve at a certain level, instead, in order for Piloswine to evolve into Mamoswine, Piloswine has to be taught AncientPower

What level does Piloswine evolve in SoulSilver?

The level doesn't matter when you are trying to evolve Piloswine. You have to level it up while it knows the move AncientPower.

How does piloswine evolve when at level 100?

Piloswine can no longer evolve at level 100 as it must level up with the move Ancient power to become Mamoswine.

How do you evolve a swinub into a mamoswine?

First evolve it into Piloswine then level Piloswine up with Ancientpower as one of its moves

In which level does piloswine evolve?

Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine when he learns AncientPower, sometime after Level 33.

What level does piloswine evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

teach Piloswine AncientPower and level it up

What level does swinub evolve into piloswine in gale of darkness?

It evolve in level 33.

How do you get piloswine?

You must evolve Swinub or obtain Piloswine in a trade. Swinub evolves into Piloswine at Level 33.

Pokemon collosseum what level does piloswine evolve?

Piloswine doesn't evolve in Colloseum. Migrate to D/P/Pt

When does swinub evolve into piloswine?

Level 36.

What level does piloswine evolve at?

Teach Poliswine Ancient Power and it will evolve

What level will piloswine evolve in LeafGreen?

Piloswine does not evolve in LeafGreen. It didn't get an evolution until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which came out after LeafGreen.