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Scyther only evolves by trading it and while it holds the Item Metal Coat.

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Q: What level does Scyther evolve on in Pokemon crystal?
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At what level does Scyther evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

scyther does not evolve unless you trade it

What level does Scyther evolve on pokemon platium?

You don't level up Scyther for it to evolve. You have to trade it with a metal coat attached.

What level does Scyther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Scyther does not evolve by level. You must trade him while he's holding the metal coat.

Pokemon what level does Scyther evolve?

Scyther will not evolve due to reaching a certain level. Instead, you must trade scyther to another player while he is holding the item "metal coat" to evolve him/her into scissor.

What level does Scyther evolves at in Pokemon gold?

scyther does not evolve by leveling up in any game. To evolve scyther give him the mettle coat and trade him he will evolve if you do that. Have fun. GO LUGIA

At what level does pigeotto evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

In pokemon crystal Pigeotto evolve in 36lvl

What level does syther avolve at in Pokemon silver?

scyther doesn't evolve by level. Equip a metal coat to a Scyther and then do a trade via game link and it'll evolve to Scizor

What level does Mareep evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Mareep will evolve at Level 15 in Pokémon Crystal.

What level does Scyther evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Scyther does not evolve by level in Pokemon White. Scyther evolves by trading while it is holding a metal coat. To date scyther has not had different evolution conditions in different pokemon games except for the introduction of it's evolution in generation II.

What level does Scyther evolve at in Pokemon heart gold?

Scyther evolves by trading it while it is holding a Metal Coat(item)

What level does slowpoke evolve on Pokemon Crystal?

Slowpoke will evolve at Level 37.

In which level syther evolve in Pokemon gold?

scyther evolves using a metal coat on whatever level he is on.