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It evolves into Pikachu with Happiness. Pikachu then evolves into Raichu via Thunderstone

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Q: What level does Pichu evolve into Pikachu?
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What level does Pichu evolve in diamond?

Pichu evolves into Pikachu when its friendship level is high during the day.

Does Pichu evolve?

Yes. When Pikachu has enough happiness, level it up then it should evolve. Then you can evolve Pikachu by using the Thunderstone to evolve Pikachu too Rachui. Remember: Rachui CAN NOT EVOLVE.

Who does Pichu evolve into?

Pichu evolves into Pikachu.

What do you have to do to evolve Pichu for Pikachu in Pokemon platinum?

level it up and happiness poof you will get a pikachu. Hope this help!!

What level does Pichu envolve?

Pichu evolves by having Max Happiness. When its Happiness is maxed, you can level it up once to evolve it into Pikachu.

Can pichu evolve?

Yes. Pichu evolves into Pikachu ( which turns into Raichu if you use a thunderstone) at level 22. Pichu is an electric type pokemon.

What does pikachu evolve form?


When does Pichu turn into pikachu?

It does not evolve by leveling up it will evolve if you give it a thunder stone!

What level does Pichu evolve only on Pokemon diamond version?

it evolves into pikachu when it friendship level is high and you level it up

How does Pichu evolve in Pokemon?

Pichu evolves into Pikachu when it has full Happiness. To increase its Happiness, you will need to level it up, feed it friendship boosting berries, walk around with it in your Party, take it to have a massage or haircut (depending on the version you are playing.), and/or give it stat boosting vitamins.

What level does Pichu evolve into Pikachu in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to make it happy you can do this by massages and giving it proteins you evolve pichu with happiness and can also give him beris that make it frendlier

Does Pichu evolve in to pichacho?

No, it evolves into Pikachu.